I'll write in English also today.
Today we got lots of new books. Finnish books and notebooks and the french book, and -notebook. In French lessons...its abosolutely boring. Today we watched a strainge video where a "dingdong"-man sang something (of course in french, but I'll translate..) like this: "If you like to speak french give a kiss." or: "Touch our nose." or: "Clap your little hands" or: "Say 'Au revoir'!" (Au revoir means goodbye) Sorry not my type song. -.- The only place that I was singing was the place: "Au revoir." 
Oh Em Gee I so "Love"French. >.<

Today mum said that I can't go to my football-training,because I was still sick yesterday. But...That's life. ;)
And actually I'll clean my room today, so it's just "okay" to bee today home.